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To empower workshop participants in creating living, healing foods that nourish the gut and that help initiate an interest in practices that foster resilient health and better cognition. 


To promote and seed an ecological politics and activism from the grassroots up. To encourage critical engagement with mainstream ideas around health and disease.


To emphasise the ‘gut as centre’ in life. In that, acting in ways to properly nourish the gut necessitates a revival of nourishing traditions & practices that are both individually sustaining & ecologically sustainable.


Participants of our workshops leave with a critical perspective on mainstream ideas around food and health and develop a tool box of their own to revive traditions of creating living, vibrant food in their own kitchen; to nourish and effect change in themselves, their families and communities.

We offer a range of styles and approaches to workshop delivery and presentations and welcome invites of collaboration across academia, community projects and the arts.

Food Fermentation for Health & Social Change

One of our most popular workshops in Brighton & Hove – a radical laboratory for the community and a co-created space where we play with ideas, perspectives and most importantly, our food!

Our evenings generally begin with a good natter on the politics of our health and food, developing into a juicy line up of new and innovative demonstrations by leading fermentation artisans in Brighton & Hove, to supercharge your own fermentin’ potential and to get your kitchen cupboards locked and loaded with all manner of alchemical goodness. 

In the practical segment of the workshop, we go on to utilize our new fermentin’ toolkit in working with both local and seasonal ingredients, to produce a distinct and quirky product that you can watch ripen to a fine potency on your counter at home.


  • A fast-paced 50min presentation on the ‘politics of fermentation’.
  • A line up of interactive demonstrations that teach you creative ways to ferment, using both dry-salting and bringing techniques!
  • A chance to meet and learn from some of Brighton’s best fermentation artisans!
  • Tasting – take a portion home with you!
  • A practical session where you get to put your new found skills in action!

You can find out about our upcoming “Food Fermentation for Health & Social Change” workshops in Brighton and beyond at the link below.

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What people say

Alice says – ‘Not just fermentation….Darren is passionate about social justice and empowering individuals to look after themselves…. Workshops and talks will be full of blinding radical statements of rebellion and uprising….Definitely worth it.’

What people say

Cat says – ‘One of the most inspiring workshops I have been to in a long time. Amazing and abundant practical info on how to manage our own gut health and cultivate a healthy microbiome. Fascinating and funny. I particularly enjoyed drawing parallels between Queer philosophy and the behaviour of friendly bacteria! Recommended.’

What people say

Nina says – ‘Darren’s fermentation workshop is a must for anyone who is wanting to break away from the pharmaceutical drugs and is looking to naturally feed their body and brain with probiotics and goodness. So much was learnt – LOVED IT!’

About AlchemyFlow

AlchemyFlow is a food & health education project; a small-batch artisan of fermented foods and massage practice based in Brighton & Hove.

We provide intimate training on traditional food knowledge and techniques to create living, vibrant food; write about food, food politics and health related issues and work with people through bodywork and massage to encourage better awareness of and connection with the body as a vehicle for change in the world.

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