A seasonal twist on a traditional sauerkraut recipe: In this recipe, the leeks and thyme develop into a wonderful tang with their host fermented cabbage. Straight off the fork or on the side of any plate, this little blinder will have you sucking your teeth in surprise.

Sauerkraut has an interesting heritage, it’s commonly thought to have originated in Germany where it has no doubt become a coveted staple. However, it’s origins seem to be in China, where over 2000 years ago Chinese labourers building the Great Wall fermented cabbage by soaking it in rice wine. It came to Europe 1000 years later with the Mongol Invasions led by Ghengis Khan.

However, Sauerkraut is all healing and symbiosis over war and violence – a known anti-carcinogen and all round health tonic, ‘Just in the Leek of Thyme’ brings all the goodness of this ancient tradition and the flavour. Use it as a condiment or even add it to your cooking in a casserole or stew.



Made using organic vegetables

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