Our personal favourite. Kimchi is a potent Korean staple that has become a global fascination: it is rich in texture, flavour and heat. This particular version of Kimchi is plant-based but traditional recipes would include fish or shellfish and fish sauce, making it a ‘complete’ food to sustain communities the year round. Our particular style of Kimchi is very saucy and condiment like. It’s a massive hit with friends who lather it on everything from sandwiches to pizza. Fundamentally Kimchi is a process not a blueprint and the many variations of Kimchi are testimony to the love of this stinky treat.This is our humble gesture to the great art and lineage of kimchi.

Fun fact: Kimchi is officially the only ferment that’s been off world – Yi-So Yeon, the first Korean astronaut in space took into orbit her specially formulated, bacteria-free Kimchi back in 2008. The space programme was afraid the radiation might create some seriously formidable Kimchi microbes that may have posed a threat to earth-dwelling peoples.


*Denotes organic or wild foraged ingredients

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At the moment there are only two stockists for each product: Infinity Foods Shop & Hisbe – although you can eat my ferments at Infinity Foods Kitchen, Silo & Old Tree Cafe.

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AlchemyFlow is a food & health education project; a small-batch artisan of fermented foods and massage practice based in London.

We provide intimate training on traditional food knowledge and techniques to create living, vibrant food; write about food, food politics and health related issues and work with people through bodywork and massage to encourage better awareness of and connection with the body as a vehicle for change in the world.

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