Fermenting 2019.

A festive update from AlchemyFlow.

Hello everyone!

Before a large portion of us are overtaken by the festive chaos and then settling in for the well deserved cheer, it felt like a good time to update you on what’s happening with AlchemyFlow in the new year. In September I moved to London to study MSc Medical Anthropology at UCL. It’s been quite a ride and period of integration but the challenge has been completely worth it. Meanwhile I’ve been busy behind the scenes working out some new workshop content, a new schedule and new venue to hold workshops in London – all detailed below.


Fermentation Workshops in Brighton:

Our workshops in Brighton will remain at Silo on Upper Gardner St and we have some dates already confirmed for January 14th and February 11th which you can book onto here. I’ve diversified the program for next year to include a line up of new and creative ferments – as well as the addition of an introduction to other gut healing practices like making bone broth and the different supplements you might use for that purpose generally or on a vegan diet. I also hope to have a small stall running at the workshop in January where you can purchase all things gut related beyond the usual ferments.


Fermentation Workshops in London:

That’s right! I have a new London venue! I’ll be working regularly at the fantastic Skip Garden Kitchen at King’s Cross from January onwards. The Skip Garden is an urban farm project with a kitchen and cafe that do great work in the community. A great setting for AlchemyFlow workshops! I’ve organised a number of taster sessions in January which will take place on the 11th and 18th – which will be a nice drop in for people in the area to learn some quick and simple fermentation techniques. Other than that, there are more comprehensive courses running on January 24th and February 6th – you can book directly onto any of those sessions here.

Whatever you get upto, please enjoy a wonderful close to the year and I look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Darren @ AlchemyFlow.