My work is about helping people tune into the language of the body – and through it, helping chart a way back to the heart.

Thai Massage or Nuad-Boran is one aspect of traditional Thai Medicine; an ancient form of bodywork that is dynamic and profoundly rejuvenating on many different levels: the physical, emotional and spiritual. A Thai Massage practitioner will work with gravity to apply pressure to the body; combining rocking, stretching, acupressure and energy work into a powerful technique for healing. Coupled with the intention of the practitioner to observe and listen to your body and to encourage you to tune in to what it needs you to hear, makes this a potent form of bodywork to help you realign and have a calmer, more grounded relationship with yourself and the world around you.

What people say

Joseph says – ‘I had my first official bodywork session with Darren today and can honestly say it was an incredible experience. He is attentive in his touch which I was very grateful for. I highly recommend Darren and thank him deeply for such a healing experience. True relaxation is hard to come by these days and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to do so. Five stars doesn’t quite cut it!’

What people say

Alice says – ‘I’ve just had a multi-sensory healing session with Darren and have emerged newly confident, full of energy and flexibility. Darren has worked sensitively alongside my Western medicine choices over several months to provide me with deep healing experience. There is humour when I have needed it too and a strength and power that has helped me process and shift several important issues, in my body, my heart and my head.’

What people say

Jo says – ‘I’m a proper treatment junkie and have tried so many different people for my pain condition over the last 28 years. Darren was so kind, sensitive, insightful and hugely tuned in. It was worth the money and some simply for the chats we had, let alone the lovely treatment. Being wrapped up at the end and having a rest on the cosy hot mat was such a blissful end to what felt like a really profound treatment. Tell all your friends!’

What people say

Nicola says – ‘Darren’s approach is so thoughtful and considered, with a great amount of care. After the massage, which was very gentle, I immediately had a greater ease of movement everywhere, and less pain. His practice is informed by his kindness and concern for his clients to feel ‘better’ whatever that means to them, and that really comes across during the whole session. Give him a try.’

What people say

Geraldine says – ‘After 4 months of sciatic type pain my body was in need of some work, so I contacted Darren and am glad I did. I am also a Bodyworker of many years and am rightly very particular as to who works my body. There was a lot of emotion trapped in me, he tuned in, listened to my words as to what I needed but he also listened to my body and did not just follow a routine. This is creative intuitive bodywork.’

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