AlchemyFlow on tour with Viridian Nutrition.

Greetings dear fans and followers of AlchemyFlow,

As some of you may have heard on the grapevine, AlchemyFlow is currently on tour with ‘Fermentation for Health & Social Change’. Earlier this year, Viridian Nutrition, a popular ethical health retailer, joined forces with AlchemyFlow to provide a series of workshops in the UK through their vast network of associated health food stores. The tour kicked off on Monday 7th April and since then AlchemyFlow has popped up in Ennis & Dublin in Ireland; Wilmslow, Manchester; Hertford and London! Massive thanks to the Peckish Cafe and Meanwell Stores, Ennis; The Hopsack, Dublin; Therapy Organics in Wilmslow; Natural Health, Hertford and finally, Revital, London for their engagement and hospitality.

Incredible gratitude and appreciation to those who came out to engage with and support these workshops over the last few months. I received more correspondence and messages of affirmation ove this period than I have in a long time – the sentiment of which was captured best by Helen from Manchester who wrote:

‘Went to a fermentation evening event but came away with so much more. My eyes were opened to new possibilities and information about health and being healthy not just in body but mind and spirit as well. Thank you!’

This has been an awesome opportunity for AlchemyFlow to engage with a wider UK audience. Working beyond the workshop and learning spaces already established in Brighton and in London and in partnership with a company with the scope, principles and ethos of Viridian has been a useful mirror on the value of the work of AlchemyFlow but also, what this service to the community implies in terms of respect and responsibility. Thanks for the challenge!

This tour is true to form and as ever, AlchemyFlow is serving up the fermentation gospel with a difference – reviving and teaching this archaic food knowledge and praxis as a platform to promote and encourage a new health politic; which is fundamentally about holism, health empowerment and challenging the medical status quo. AlchemyFlow looks and pushes forward to a time when existing and emerging science on gut health and the importance of the microbiome effects the kind of treatment, investigation, insight and care available through allopathic medicine that millions of people the world over struggling with all manner of conditions deserve.

Muchos gracias to Viridian Nutrition and especially Cheryl quoted below for her investment and support! Exciting times ahead.

Darren @ AlchemyFlow X


‘Darren’s sell-out fermentation talks and workshops generated exceptional feedback and enhanced the reputation of both Viridian Nutrition and our health store stockists. His political-savvy and gut-health expertise made him a hit with independent health store retailers and their audiences across the UK and Ireland,” Cheryl Thallon, founder and MD at Viridian Nutrition.’