For adventures in the fermentation arts & Culinary dissent.

Fermentation workshops in London and Brighton.

For adventures in the fermentation arts & culinary dissent.

Fermentation workshops in London and Brighton.

for adventures in the fermentation arts & culinary dissent.

Fermentation workshops in London and Brighton.


AlchemyFlow teaches traditional food knowledge and techniques to encourage better health and vitality through living, vibrant foods. 

We run fermentation workshops in London, Brighton & beyond and offer a range of styles & approaches to delivery & presentations. We welcome invitations to collaborate across academia, community projects and the arts.


AlchemyFlow encourages more ‘flow’ in life through the art of Thai Massage – an ancient and potent form of bodywork to help you realign and have a calmer, more grounded relationship with yourself and the world around you.


AlchemyFlow is a small producer and artisan of fermented foods. We harness the power of the unseen world of bacteria to bring you delicious small batch ferments that provide some deep healing for your gut and add some punch and sparkle to your everyday nutrition.


Kiron says – ‘Darren’s passion and drive, well researched topic, the intimate and homely setting, central location, small number; just wish we had had the chance to try a few more ferments. Hopefully next time! Thanks Darren you’re a star!’


Alice says – ‘Not just fermentation….Darren is passionate about social justice and empowering individuals to look after themselves…. Workshops and talks will be full of blinding radical statements of rebellion and uprising….Definitely worth it.’


Nina says – ‘Darren’s fermentation workshop is a must for anyone who is wanting to break away from the pharmaceutical drugs and is looking to naturally feed their body and brain with probiotics and goodness. So much was learnt – LOVED IT!’


The AlchemyFlow blog revels in the fermentation arts; keeping you up to date on our project and sharing various inspirations.

About AlchemyFlow

AlchemyFlow is a food & health education project, a small-batch artisan of fermented foods and massage practice based in London & Brighton.


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